What is Celeum

We’ll built a Marketplace
to buy and sell skills/talents.

Celeum is a Marketplace for the future of freelancing Peer-to-Peer ecosysteme

You can trade just about anything in the Celeum Marketplace: Sell your skills/talents in exchange for cryptocurrency,

All transactions are protected by smart contracts, native escrow in a secure blockchain, and a novel dispute resolution mechanism.

Celeum takes the best aspects of online freelancing marketplaces , and adds blockchain technology to make trading safer and more cost-effective for all parties Accept users can trade securely, privately, and anonymously in the Accept global marketplace and save avoid paying high online marketplace fees of 10-20%

Start your independent career with Celeum

Celeum Features

Celeum Freelancing Peer to Peer Ecosystem offers provides features that no other independent marketplace can offer. Know our advantage.

Free Membership

No artificial costs or restrictions; Everybody can apply for, or create, an unlimited of jobs.

Blockchain Decentralised

Celeum database is distributed on Ether public blockchain, the source files are on IPFS. without any central authority having control over it

Zero % Fees

Celeum doesn’t take a percentage of your earned Ether.

Identity Protect

Celeum keeps all transactions secure and trustless while preserving your complete privacy.

P2P Payment Guaranted

Only pay, if you are satisfied, with Celeum     your money is safe.

Smart Contract

Requests, Contributions, Reviews and validations are handled in, and registered in Blockchain.


CLX token details

Celeum (CLX) is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain.     The CLX will be used to power Celeum’s ecosystem including Celeum’s Future of  Freelancing Decentralized P2P Marketplace to buy & sell skills with Pay Zero Platform Fees

Token Standard

Ethereum (ERC20)

Total Supply

21900000 CLX

Token Symbol



Freelancing Decentralized P2P Marketplace

Token Decimals


Upcoming Exchanges


Contract Address


Initial Token Distribution


The Timeline

Q4 2018

The origin of CLX platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan

Q1 2019

List CLX token on coinmarketcap and other alternative platforms

Q2 2019

List CLX on good exchanges such as mercatox , stex , hotbit , etherflyer , bittrex , vindax

Q3 2019

Development of a partnership model in CLX ecosystem. Trade inquiries. Agreement with a partner bank. Development of IQ CLX API. Start of the platform development. Start of ecosystem formation (more than 10 partners)

Q4 2019

Facebook, Twitter & Youtube Advertisement to attract more investors

Q1 2020

complication of whitepaper

Q2 2020

Initial integrated blockchain structure develop

Q3 2020

attract more partners to our platform

Q4 2020

update our Website and whitepaper

Q1 2021

- Uniswap listing liquidity 1000ETH - listing on Hotbit and Wazirx exchange Implementation of an ERC20 Escrow smart-contract and transactions fees subsidy to streamline adoption of the technology

Q2 2021

Launching Beta of the Celeum Network full operational platform

Q3 2021

Escrow Testnet Release

Q4 2021

Escrow System Release, Marketplace Improvements & Fixes

Q1 2022

Platform pre-launch. Beta testing event by our community

Q2 2022

Main Network Porting Analysis, Celeum Social Mobile App Launch


Community Driven Project

Our focus is the community

we want to help as many people transact in a manner that is free of a middleman.

So we created Celeum to Access global marketplace freelance talent/skils with remove intermediary fees by going peer-to-peer ecosystem.

Sharing Celeum with the community puts the value in their hands instead of the decided rate of an ICO. Additionally, allowing individuals to learn about and use this technology at no cost, is a fundamental part of our project


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of Celeum, Celeum Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Celeum is leveraging the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence to build the largest and most trusted online workspace environment, by connecting freelancers with millions of employers and job opportunities.

- The CLX Token is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency (based on the Ethereum protocol) allowing. - peer-to-peer compensation and payments, based on smart contracts on the blockchain platform.

The Celeum smart contract will be stored in a decentralized blockchain and is legally binding to all parties. Due to the distribution warehouse protocol, each process within the network will be recorded in a transparent, publicly verifiable manner, with full counterfeit protection.

IEO Token sale will be live on multiple exchange same time, we will announce the exchange, date and time through our telegram channel and social media, stay tuned!

Celeum is a completely decentralized platform that leverages all the underlying features of blockchain technology i.e Trust, Transparency and Security.

Yes, Celeum does have an ERC20 type native utility token (CLX).


Get In Touch

We are currently researching the basis and writing the whitepaper. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. This helps us too: getting feedback is important to form the basis.

  • email support@celeum.co
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